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04.10.2018 - Die Vorlesung Microeconomic Analysis findet erst ab dem 16.10.2018 statt.

Freie Plätze im Reading Course: Happiness - Lessons from a new science

04.10.2018 - In unserem Seminar sind noch Plätze frei. Das Seminar ist anrechenbar als VWL-Wahlpflichtmodul, BWL-Wahlpflichtmodul (Volkswirtschaftslehre und Recht), Volkswirtschaftliches Seminar und als IBE-Wahlpflichtfach (International Economics) (alles Bachelor). Das erste Treffen findet am 15.10.2018 um 09:15 Uhr in G22A-210 statt.

Seminare im Wintersemester 2018/19

04.10.2018 - Die Seminarbeschreibungen für das Wintersemester 2018/19 sind jetzt online. Weitere Informationen finden Sie unter Lehre.

Publikation: "When Protection Puts You in Jeopardy How Removing Small-Business Clauses Affects Employment Duration"

19.02.2018 - Neue Publikation von Christine Lücke:

In a 2004 reform, Germany exempted small firms from dismissal protection. This paper estimates the effects of dismissal protection on the risk of leaving the establishment, taking advantage of the fact that workers employed before the amendment maintained their previous dismissal protection. Utilizing administrative linked employer–employee data, the results hint at a higher risk during the first 6 months in a job and a lower risk thereafter, if dismissal protection is provided. The estimated survivor curves suggest that even after 5 years the protecting effect of dismissal protection did not compensate the initially adverse effect during the first 6 months of tenure.

Finden Sie die Publikation hier.

Publikation: “There and back again estimating equivalence scales with measurement error”

23.01.2018 - Neue Publikation von Melanie Borah und Andreas Knabe:

Using income satisfaction data from the German Socio-Economic Panel, we find large differences in the equivalence weight of a partner when it is being estimated by direct and reverse regressions. We argue that neither of the two models will produce consistent estimates when there is stochastic error in satisfaction and measurement error in incomes. We propose a correction of mismeasured incomes using a constructed alternative income measure. The corrected results are relatively close to those obtained from direct regression. We do not find evidence that previous studies, using the direct regression method, severely suffer from measurement error in incomes.

 Finden Sie die Publikation hier.

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